Food and Friends

Today is Wednesday, June 11th  (Happy Birthday Cheryl)   

Meet my friend today:

Friend # 11 “What I learned from Tom Wise”

Tom hated ham. He was forced to eat ham as a child.

Lesson from Tom: Do NOT force people to eat something they do not want.

Where do I start with Tom Wise. Tom could take up 3 pages! Tom went to be with the LORD in January 2014. Tom taught me to laugh at myself, how to be happy singing old songs, the importance for visiting people, and how the scenery while driving can turn into funny stories. Tom would call the hay rolls in the fields, “Jaime’s shredded wheat” or the cows in the pasture “Crystal and Barry’s” Bible study. Dead deer in the road might be “Rudolph’s girlfriend Clarisse”. Road trips with Tom were a blast and most always ended with a burger at his favorite stop, “Ruby Red Robin”.

Tip or Quote of the Day:

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see”                                                                                                     -GK – Chesterton

Take Action Today:

Sing to some old tunes on a car ride.

Take a drive and make stories from the scenery.


Dip & Flips

Today is Wednesday, February 19th

The topic or question of the day is:

What are Dip & Flips?

     Dip & Flips are tasty little snacks, low in sodium, full of fiber, chocolaty, and have a nice crunch.  They are great for any holiday, party or after dinner treat.  The ingredients:  Dark Chocolate >80% cacao, Shredded Wheat (spoon size) and colored sprinkles.  The best part about the sprinkles is the color and type can be changed to match the holiday or multi-colored for birthdays.  Shredded Wheat is inexpensive, salt-free with no added sugar, and full of fiber.  Chocolate contains Flavanoids such as catechin and proanthocyanins that are bioactive and have been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in small amounts.  A small amount is used preparing these treats.

     Melt 2-3 squares of dark chocolate in your microwave (takes less than a minute).  Dip one side of the spoon sized Shredded Wheat into the chocolate and flip it over on a plate (chocolate side up).  Sprinkle with green sprinkles for St. Patrick’s Day or yellow and pink sprinkles for Easter.  Refrigerate for 10 minutes and then divide into small baggies (10-12) for approximately 100 calorie treat, or leave on a pretty plate and serve.

Tip or quote of the day:

Eat these bite-sized treats one at a time and chew well.  Allow the taste to go through your olfactory and swallow before eating another.  Enjoying your food and practice “enough-ness”.  Always remember, the first 3 bites taste the best!

Take Action Today:

Make Dip & Flips and bring to work, serve them for dessert, or keep them for your daily snack this week.