Food & Friends: Meet Vikki

Today is Monday, June 2nd

The Topic of this month is:

Meet some of my Friends

Please visit the blog daily this month and meet some of my Friends who have made a difference in my life in reference to food and/ or life lessons.  You will learn from them too and I encourage you to think back on your friends and what they brought into your life.

I believe God uses certain friends in our lives to mold and make us “will to will His will.” I would like to introduce some of my friends, ranging from 18-96 years old, along with their knowledge, wisdom, and joy they have brought into my life along with some truths and tips about intelligent thinking and eating.

My spiritual journey and interest in food started in my childhood, but these particular blogs are intended to fast forward my life from 1958 to 1982 and express my thankfulness and gratitude to God for placing these wonderful friends into my life.

Friend # 1 “What I learned from Vikki”

Vikki: Her spaghetti sauce (Gravy) cooked all day is like experiencing Italy in Jersey.

Lesson: Cook sauces long and slow for the best results with plenty of fresh herbs.

In 1987 God placed the Nencheck’s into our life. Our children Margaret and Brian attended kindergarten together in Califon, New Jersey. Tommy and Vikki have been an inspiration to me as we crossed paths. Vikki D’Apolito Nencheck is pure Italian, a great cook and her gift is making things beautiful and happy. She has amazing patience and a beautiful spirit. I am inspired by her creativity and wit. Her sense of humor and remembrances of particular occasions make you feel special. Vikki helps you remember good times!

Quote or Tip of the Day:

When someone would ask Vikki’s Uncle Addie if he needed anything … He would respond, “Just a few kind words”. Vikki was full of kind words. Do you have a friend like Vikki?

Take Action Today:

  • Send a few kind words to someone today.
  • Next time you make spaghetti sauce or “gravy” cook it long and slow.
  • Call your friend and remind her of good times!