Have a Plan

Today is Wednesday, April 9th

The topic or question of the day?

What is your plan and why is planning so important?

I wrote about the importance for planning previously, and found it to be another important lesson to be true during my recent move and new job.  I realized it is imperative to decide well in advance what you are going to do or say in any given situation.  Plan out scenarios that have caused failure or stress in the past and devise a plan.  Whether they be actions or words,  surprises and stressors are easier to handle with some sort of plan.

Knowing we would be eating out or picking up food on the run because of the move and unpacking the kitchen, I had to plan to eat smaller portions to prevent mega calorie consumpption. I also had to devise a plan on how I was going to handle my new job situation when I became ill with bronchitis.  Yesterday I devised a plan of eating because we took our daughter and her family out to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate her birthday.  My bowl of shredded wheat yesterday morning was much smaller than usual.  I walked to work, walked home for lunch, ate a little egg salad with a few crackers and 2 strawberries, then walked back to work. I knew I needed some exercise because my calorie level was going to be heavier that day.  I planned and ordered a lighter fare and of course had 3 bites of cheesecake because the first 3 bites taste the best!  I planned to eat slowly, used my less dominant hand and sat up straight.  These actions really prevent overindulging.  If you don’t think ahead, and plan how you will manage your day, you will often fail.

Quote of the day:

“If we hope for any success, we must plan ahead” – Nathan Ward from the book Daybreak

Plan of action:

1.  Resolve to plan your day today.

2.  Realize it won’t always go according to your plan, but it will get you thinking.

3.  Don’t just make your “plans” for eating.  Plan and practice what you might say in a difficult situation.  This can benefit both you and the hearer.