A “Health Party” inside your body?

Today is Thursday, January 9th

 The topic or question of the day is:

 Are you ready for a post holiday health party for your inside body?

 For the next few days we will be working on increasing our B vitamins with natural foods so our insides can have a health holiday.  Fortified foods are no substitute for real foods.  There are over 15 in the B vitamin family that will attend this party.  They are versatile and play important roles in making us energetic, keeping our skin healthy and our eyes bright, keeping our nerves healthy, encourage our gastrointestinal tract move, help maintain normal gland functioning and they often to slow down old age changes. Wow!  Want some?  Each B vitamin is found in various foods, but there are a couple of foods that contain an amazing amount of these wonders.  They are Brewer’s Yeast, Wheat Germ and Rice Bran.  Brewer’s Yeast can be purchased at a health food store and mixed with water, or sprinkled into food.  I like to mix 2 oz. cranberry juice with 6 oz. water and 1 scoop of the yeast, mix and drink once per day (I recently started this and noticed a big difference).  I have also added wheat germ to my diet by making peanut butter power balls or by mixing raw oatmeal, wheat germ, blackstrap molasses (we will talk about later), and milk cooked on top of the stove until barely heated through.  Nuts add a nice touch too!  Try adding these new recipes to your day and know your insides are happier.  Nutritionist G. Hauser says, “You may be cheating your appetite, but your “inner man” is actually having a feast of vitamins and minerals”.  Tomorrow we will continue our inner feast with Hauser’s famous Cleansing Broth! 

 Tip or Quote of the day:

 “The statement ‘variety is desirable’ is true only if the variety is entirely of health-building foods” – G. Hauser

 Take action today by:

 Try adding Brewer’s Yeast and Wheat Germ to your diet with Suzanne’s Cookery.

 Peanut Butter Power Balls

½ cup peanut butter

¼ cup honey or pure maple syrup (diabetics may use sugar free syrup if they want)

¼ cup powdered milk

¼ cup wheat germ


Mix peanut butter and honey until smooth.  Add powdered milk and wheat germ until stiff.  If still mushy, add more wheat germ.  Roll into large marble sized balls and they dust with some extra wheat germ.  Refrigerate or freeze. 

 Breakfast Bowl of B’s

3 T raw oatmeal

¼ cup wheat germ

½ cup milk

1 tsp. blackstrap molasses or honey

Few nuts optional

Directions:  place ingredients in a small sauce pan on low to medium heat and cook until heated thoroughly.  I try not to bring it to a boil. 

 Energy B Bomb

2 oz. 100% cranberry juice (or any juice you may like)

6 oz. water

1 scoop Brewer’s yeast (1 packed tablespoon)

Mix well and drink up!
















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