Table Training Principles

Training and practice moves people toward goals.  Try practicing the following with your children.  Being a role model is very important.  Most of these you probably have heard over and over, but you may not be making them into a habit.

Top Ten Table Training Principles

1.  Practice chewing food well, until it is like an applesauce consistency.

2.  Practice putting down your eating utensils between bites.

3.  Sit straight and 1/2 arm’s length away from the table to allow for “drop space”.

4.  Eat with your less dominant hand.  This trains you to be thoughtful of eating.

5.  Cut food into small pieces so not to put too much in your mouth at one time.

6.  Do not talk with your mouth full.

7.  Try eating with chopsticks.

8.  Participate in pleasant conversation.

9.  Take 20 – 30 minutes to eat, and sit at the table.

10.  Remember to thank God for your food.