Changing LIves

Today is Saturday, April 5th, 2014

The Food Thinkery was “out of service” for almost a month.  We moved unexpectedly, I started a new position and then contracted bronchitis.  It took time and energy to pack up a house, learn a new job, while trying to get the rest needed through it all.  Today I want to share three reasons why I am compelled to keep writing.

1.  To share lessons I learned during this move regarding stress, eating, movement and positivity.

2.  My last client’s comment on the last day of my job.  “Suzanne, you changed my life.”

3.  To continue sharing “thinking skills,” providing tips, good quotes and to encourage action!

I realize, I did  NOT change my client’s life.  God used me to give her the help she needed and she was willing to do the work.  Many people are sitting on the road these days for many reasons.  Some are frustrated, lonely, sad, angry, worried, or lack motivation to name a few.  It is time to get up and keep walking the trail.  Let us continue to encourage each other to practice intelligent eating, and also to live intelligently.

Quote of the day:

“We are all changing.  Either it is for the better or worse” – (Can’t think of who said this)

Call to Action:

Go back and read a few of the past Food Thinkery blogs to reacquaint yourselves with our desire for helping people either lose weight, eat better, improve their health and wellness and cook more.  Please tell your friends about The Food Thinkery, and continue walking….