It’s gotta be fun!

 Today is Wednesday, May 21st

The topic or question of the day:


     This past week I ran into a friend of mine I don’t get to see very much anymore.  She amazes me every time I run into her because she went from not exercising, to walking a 5 K and next thing I knew, it was a 10 K, then coaching others, and now plans on the Tulsa Run this year.  She is smiling from ear to ear and her face is glowing, not to mention her calves are on many people’s “wanted” list!  She absolutely loves it!  That is what makes exercise fun.  After seeing her, it encouraged me to drag out what I find gives me a great work out and makes me smile.  My balance beam.  I put on my favorite CD and practiced all the old mounts, leaps and turns while building core strength.  I even worked up a sweat and of course fell a “ca-zillion” times.  When physically active, and blood is pumping, there is a genuine feeling of strength.  For many people dancing is fun and if that is your fun, I  encourage you to put on some music and dance the night away.  


     One of my main problems is that once I worked hard, I do get hungry and have to be careful not to over-rationalize and say…”I exercised, therefore….I can have”.   Most people do this to some degree.  The trick is to eat those 3 bites of something to take the edge off and stop.  Intelligent eating!

Quote or tip of the day:  

It is much more fun to exercise with other people.

Take Action Today:  

1. Ask someone to go on a walk with you instead of going to lunch or the coffeeshop. 

2. Look into some different types of exercise and remember, mowing the lawn and weeding gardens is also movement therapy.