Today is Monday, April 7th

The topic of the day is:  


Another new book came out touting “the secrets” to a body like the author’s physique and the same day I heard of an app you can purchase that makes you look skinny in your “selfies”.  I encourage you to think about this craziness.  We are all different and supposed to be different.  

Some “secrets” from the new book we are told is to drink green tea, and take probiotics/prebiotics.  Does everyone have to drink green tea?  Is it the fountain of youth or answer to health problems?  Will it really make you thin as many suggest?  I am not saying green tea isn’t good because I know it has some wonderful properties.  I want you to think and be careful not to fall into panaceas for weight loss and health claims.  Remember, what may be helpful for one person, may be like poison to another.  I think it best to encourage someone to try green tea, see if you like it and how it affects your taste, GI tract, and general well being, but don’t believe it is going to make you skinny.  The same with probiotics.  Has anyone seen the recommended amount that is safe for each age group, weight, gender?  Where is the research for dosage? (found it WIDE range)  Does it translocate?  In other words, do you think it just stays in your gut?  Prebiotics are nondigestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics.  Probiotics are living bacteria.  They are naturally found in foods such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut and can be added to various foods as well.  Whenever we take in too much of one type of food or drink, I always see a problem.  Remember a past blog about drinking too much water, eating too many carrots or celery and what happens?  Please think!  Tomorrow I will begin sharing what I learned this past month, and how these experiences may help you to eat more intelligently.

Tip of the day:

Do not believe everything your read in diet books.  

Plan of action:

1.  Do some of your own research on these topics and ask yourself questions.

2.  Try some real green tea.  Take good notes how you feel.  The best way to know what foods work well for your individual body is to keep a good food record, even down to the times of day.  For some people, many foods that can be tolerated in the morning, may not be tolerated in the evening.




Changing LIves

Today is Saturday, April 5th, 2014

The Food Thinkery was “out of service” for almost a month.  We moved unexpectedly, I started a new position and then contracted bronchitis.  It took time and energy to pack up a house, learn a new job, while trying to get the rest needed through it all.  Today I want to share three reasons why I am compelled to keep writing.

1.  To share lessons I learned during this move regarding stress, eating, movement and positivity.

2.  My last client’s comment on the last day of my job.  “Suzanne, you changed my life.”

3.  To continue sharing “thinking skills,” providing tips, good quotes and to encourage action!

I realize, I did  NOT change my client’s life.  God used me to give her the help she needed and she was willing to do the work.  Many people are sitting on the road these days for many reasons.  Some are frustrated, lonely, sad, angry, worried, or lack motivation to name a few.  It is time to get up and keep walking the trail.  Let us continue to encourage each other to practice intelligent eating, and also to live intelligently.

Quote of the day:

“We are all changing.  Either it is for the better or worse” – (Can’t think of who said this)

Call to Action:

Go back and read a few of the past Food Thinkery blogs to reacquaint yourselves with our desire for helping people either lose weight, eat better, improve their health and wellness and cook more.  Please tell your friends about The Food Thinkery, and continue walking….

Ride the Tide

Today is January 30th

The topic or question of the day:

Ride the Tide

     Sometimes we just get a ‘little’ hungry, or a particular smell conjures up an urge for something yummy.  We might be driving and pass the golden arches, Quick Trip or a Braums, and drop in because we think it’s time to refuel.  Maybe we strolled into a co-workers office and saw candy on the desk.  Our taste buds start salivating, and our stomachs prepare for “incoming” treats.   We are not really hungry because hungry is when you are lost in a forest and haven’t eaten for days!

     Do we really need to give into these cravings? When these happen, I urge you to “Ride the Tide”.  Try to get through a little hunger pang and you will save yourself many calories. This is helpful when you are trying to lost weight.

Three of my favorite ‘Tide Riders’ are:

  1. Get out my “to do” or distraction list and pick one to complete (I usually forget about food).
  2. Eat a honey stick or 1 glucose tab and drink a big glass of water (only one).
  3. Set my phone alarm for 1 hour and see if I can deal with the hungry feeling (It usually goes away).

Tip or Quote of the day:

We access our emotions by our thinking. 

Thinking verses Feelings. 

Do not listen to yourself, talk to yourself and Ride that Tide!

Talk to your self  

Take action today:

  • Buy some honey sticks and glucose tablets (15 calories a piece)
  • Write a list of distractions that take no longer than 5- 15 minutes.
  • Practice ‘Riding the Tide’


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My name is Suzanne Forsberg MA, RD/LD, CDE, founder and owner of the Food Thinkery. I believe thinking is vital to healthy living. I encourage people think about what they are doing and eating daily; where they are heading, to realize there is hope today and a cause for joy in an attempt to correct and prevent bodily disorders and ill health. Poor habits can be changed and disorders improved, just as muscles and minds can be exercised and enhanced. We can exercise our taste buds and learn to like foods we may disdain. What we think and believe leads us to take action.
By thinking and making better choices, our body rejoices and our health span may lengthen. You see, we all have a life span and a health span. A life span is the time you are born until you die. The death rate is the only thing that is 100% full proof in the world. We all have an appointed time to die. The question is…how long before we begin with health problems that derail our dreams? Your health span is how long you will keep that skip in your step, how long your mind will be sharp, and how long your bones, heart and organs will remain strong and free from diseases. Your health span can change for many reasons besides poor dietary intake. It may change from a freak accident, an unexplainable cancer, a genetic mutation or an autoimmune virus to name a few as a result of a fallen and broken world.

The Food Thinkery is beginning a unique 1 year course for all those seeking wisdom for intelligent eating. It is designed for weight loss, but is also plain good business. There is a direct connection between time, calories and money says author Gary North. Come and learn about health- building foods, time/money saving tips, and renew your soul. Even if you have failed miserably with your food choices in the past, fear not! You can start eating your way back to bodily health and wellness.
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